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Smell a memory kit

JWT Singapore has teamed with global fragrance house Givaudan to create a first of a kind bespoke “Smell a Memory” kit – a unique innovation that harnesses the power of scent to evoke emotional memories among Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.



Coolhunt #3.5 experience economy: Anything or whatever vending machine


What it is:

You don’t have to decide what you want by this vending machine, you just have to choose anything or whatever. If you choose anything you will get a carbonated soft drink and if you choose whatever you will get a non-carbonated drink. You don’t know what kind of flavour you have untill you drink it, because the package also won’t tell anything. There are six different flavours. You can find this vending machine in Singapore

Why it’s cool:

Often people can’t decide what they want, most of the time it doesn’t even matter to them, cause they are just thirsty. This vending machine lets you surprise. It makes an experience of getting some soda. The machines also have very funny designs. You will not forget this machine.

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