MAD SCIENCE PDX | Art Show Curated by Scientist


What would the future look like if it were envisioned by an artist?
What would an art show look like if it were curated by a scientist?

Madscience PDX

To me this are very intersting questions and I am really curious what the exposition will look like.

In the year 2045, the world depends on Mad Science, a private institution dedicated to the protection of our planet. Mad Science uses time travel to transport today’s greatest minds into the future to solve the complex problems of tomorrow. Now for the first time, the public is granted access to witness the work that takes place inside.


Trees as streetlights

What it is:

A group of scientist in Taiwan recently discovered a way to let trees glow. By placing gold nano particles within the leaves of trees, they will give off a red glow. They infused the leaves of Bacopa Caroliniana. The scientists call this bio-LED. The bio-LED could be used for lighting the road for passersby without the need for electric power.

Why it’s cool:

Using trees to replace street lights would save on electricity costs and cut CO2 emissions, but it could also reduce light pollution in major cities. This idea is related to the trend nature city balance, because the street lights will look very natural this way. This idea is also related to the trend sustainability because it will cut CO2 emissions.


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