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The influence of environment on food – Magnum – Bompass and Par

The infinity pleasure pod is based on the results of the academic paper published by professor John Edward.  The finding of the research was : The environment in which you eat has a considerable impact on your perception of taste. His team at Bournemouth University discovered that the same dish, chicken à la king, tasted different depending on where it was consumed.  The dish was tasted in ten different locations, including a school, a care home, an Army base and a swanky restaurant. The more salubrious the surroundings, the higher the score: in the posh joints, it was rated as moist, tasty and filling, while in one of the dives, it was perceived to be claggy, dry and disgusting.

Bompas and Parr curated the infinity pod: The Infinity Pod tracks reactions such as pulse, heartbeat, skin elasticity, skin tension, swallow reaction and basic facial expressions and turns them into code, which is analysed and used to generate a digital artwork that is projected onto the interior of the pod in a shifting kaleidoscope of form and colour. It is the opposite of the research, because in this case, the environment reacts on the food. You can find the infinity pod in the Magnum concept store.

Of course this pod is just an attraction for shoppers and it will give Magnum some attention. But the information of this academic paper is very useful for the food industry. Saying you could let customers “feel” like they are getting higher quality food than they actually do. Who knows what further research shows. Maybe it is possible in the future to guide the brain of your customer just by clever decorating

Just in case

.. the world ends

End of the world survivalkit made by menosunocerouno. I really like this concept, the design, concept and functionality. It contains everything you need in case of emergency. This could be related with the Mayan conspirancies, if yes, well played on the topic of the day.

Ice cream Concept Parlour – Food

[vimeo 44101755 w=500 h=300]

We all know the apple-parts, sweet red peppers and rough sliced fruits. It ‘s all very easy when you haven’t that much time to do it yourself (of course, two minutes to cut your apple is so much time;)) Customers are getting so used at it, they won’t even think about getting some fresh vegetables or fruit. The connection with food people eat is totally broken. You can read more about this in Hungry City from Caroleen Steel, very interesting.

Ploenpit – an industrial design student –  came up with Ice cream concept Parlour. This concept is designed to explore and investigate the process of making ready-to-eat food. People will get more aware of where the food comes from and how you have to prepare it. It is a way to encourage people to make their own food and show them how great it is to experience this process, to repair the broken connection. This concept also has a link to original craft, we are getting tired of not knowing where our food comes from and of what ingredients it consists. This concept shows you all the facets of making original ice cream and the cool thing about it, is that you can endlessly experiment with flavours.

Don’t coffee-block your smile

Advertising isn’t about commercials anymore. Trident did a great job, focusing on the strength of their product. Don’t coffee-block your smile!

Once upon a time there was a real cookbook…

KOREFE, a design and innovations agency of Kolle Rebbe, came up with the real cookbook. A cookbook that you can actually eat. The book is made out of 100% freshly made pasta . The pages will tell you, what to adjust to the pasta to make a nice lasagna of it. I really love this idea (not only because lasagna is my favourite dish), you don’t need recipes anymore, because you can find it in the book.  It makes an experience of preparing lasagna. Could this be a trend for big brands to take over?

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