Kate Spade Window Shopping

Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade is developing shoppable windows in partnership with Ebay. The first for shopping screens will be placed in the center of New York City. The screen will show 30 items of the subbrand Kate Spade Saturday, which are all available to shop.The new screens measure about 9 feet across and 2 feet high and will appear on the front windows of closed stores. Shoppers will be able to touch the screens to order and have Kate Space Saturday products delivered to them within an hour via courier. Payment will be accepted by the couriers through PayPal Here, a mobile payment service developed by eBay.

I am almost more surprised about the one hour delivery than the window shopping itself. We probably all knew this was coming, we already saw some concepts of window shopping with the use of QR codes, for example supermarket concern Tesco. Ebay is trying to attract large retailers who want to reach more online/mobile shoppers. I think this is a great way to blend the online and the offline world. The use of the closed stores is really clever. I only wonder if the screens are protected well enough for damage and misuse. Overall I think this is a lovely concepts and a great way for retailers to blend the on and offline world.


The Sweetest Ride

Candy Cab New York Candy Cab New York

No eating or drinking inside, except for candies! More

Love Hurts | First aid kit for a broken heart

LoveHurtsLove Hurts


It is totally cool to be a wallflower

Flowers in concrete walls

Living paint, flowers on the wall. An awesome way to give the city streets some colour. Scientist based in Barcelona are working on a way to make it possible to grow flowers on concrete walls. Ignacio Segura Perez is one of the supervisors on this project. How it works:

“The team carbonates conventional concrete to make it more receptive to plant growth: by keeping it in a humidity-controlled chamber, they can bring its alkalinity down to a level similar to that of water. A normal concrete layer is overlaid with a waterproofing layer, followed by the biological concrete.”


Fat invaders

linda hubbard fat invaders linda hubbard fat-invaders_contemporary-sculpture_collabcubed

These fat invaders are made of 100% pure beef fat. Made by artist: Linda Hubbard
What she says about herself:

PROPAGANDA No artist statement from me……..Bullshit stinks……..

Under the picture she says: “WARNING not for human consumption. Folk’s there is always KFC Or a Big Mac.”
With this art she is giving critics on the greedy society. It is a nice symbolys, because this fatsociety we are living i, is really invading our future. Not only in terms of health but also the financial consequences we have to pay for.


Eyescream – Branding


It all started off with a very ugly Taiwanese ice cream. The taste was good, but no one would ever buy something ugly like that. That is why design agency
m Barcelona came up with a new concept for this type of ice cream. To start, they separated the ingredients of the original Taiwanese ice cream. The shaved ice cream, the sauce and the topping, after that they decided to put some sugar eyes on top of the icecream to give it a personality. From there, the name was pretty soon defined: Eyescream.

The agency designed the interior of the store and the packaging of the ice cream. The packaging consists of a tray that will fit the ice cream container and two sauce containers. Regarding to the location they decided to make it a self-service store.



What is going on with music? And I am not really talking about the music itself, but the products you need to hear the music. Nowadays we lost the real connection with music, we just download it and most of us don’t even buy cd’s anymore. Well, I can understand, you can just download for free, so why buy a cd? Artists have to come up with new creative ideas to sell their music in a physical way.

Beck Song Reader

Beck  came up with the idea to let his fans/listeners play the music by themself and submit them to the Songreader website. His “album” is called Songreader, it are 20 new songs presented as sheet music. Another Band who became very creative to promote their new song  ‘Blue Ice’ was Shout out louds, they selected ten individuals to send a very special package. The package included a negative imprint of the master cut and some water, the only thing you had to do is pouring water into the negative imprint and leave it in the freezer for no more than six hours. Watch the video below to hear (and see) the result. Are you not that fan of ice? Than just try a chocolate LP from Breakbot.

Besides artist that are coming up with new ways to promote their album. There are also smart people working on printable records. Find the right music and just print your vinyl with your 3d printer.

Breakbot Chocolate LP

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