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Imagine a world where you no longer need to spend a lifetime looking for what suits you best. Lifestyle products and services matching your style and personality are selected for you, instead of having to Google it for hours. Here the Hotel Maxclusive matching tool offers the solution.



Banksy, London

New work from Banksy in London. Banksy is commenting on the rushed society we live in. We are always rushed, 24/7 available and we never take a moment to breathe. Not only artists like Banksy are noticing this. There are also a lot of designer, who are trying to make innovative products for this mentality group.

The smell of succes?

Olly is a robot that turns alerts, pings, tweets, likes etc. into the smell you choose. No more annoying buzzes, just the smell that makes you recognize the interaction with your computer. You can customize the Olly as much as you want, you can change the smell from coffee to apple, but you can also customize the design. Olly was founded by Mint Foundry.  Why do we want a smell for everything, why do we want buzzes to be more of an experience? Are they trying to create a positive feeling?

You could say this product is linked to the online/offline trend. We are getting lost in cyberspace and want to get back onto the real world. This product gives us a physical attachment.

by nord

by nord is inspired by the raw and beautiful Nordic nature, they also believe in sustainable design. It are design products, which respect the nature that surrounds us. I really love all the beautiful stuff they  make and the feeling they give, tell me what you think about it. You can watch the whole catalogue here

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