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Imagine a world where you no longer need to spend a lifetime looking for what suits you best. Lifestyle products and services matching your style and personality are selected for you, instead of having to Google it for hours. Here the Hotel Maxclusive matching tool offers the solution.



Brand – Burger King

This is the new Dutch ad of the Burger King. With this ad they are trying to convince women, fastfood isn’t that bad. Do you think this is a good way to attract women to your business? I like this creative advertisment, but I don’t think it will generate more customers. Maybe it will change the experience of Burger King, because the ad isn’t focused on the physical product but on the brandimage.

De culinaire werkplaats

De Culinaire werkplaats is a wonderful place founded by Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing. They want to inspire you with fooddesign, foodinspiration and other innovative foodconcepts. They are also very conscious by their choice of ingredients, their ingredients have to be produced animal friendly, local, fair trade, direct trade, seasonal and good for personal health.  The creations they make are almost art.

Inspiration is the key of this concept. De culinaire eetplaats is working to create ‘the dinnerplate of the future’. For example they used the inspiration BLACK. Images of this inspiration are above.

The loveliest thing of this concept is work’in: They offer you the chance to join them and learn by doing. You can decide what kind of project you want to learn. You can learn about technique,  about season products and more information about food.

Last but not least, they offer a shop’in: You can buy great products from their seasonal collection. All products are chosen consciously



Huang Guanglei made this Icoffee machine. With this machine it isn’t only easy to make a cup of coffee, but you can make real art with this machine. This is a step further than the normal coffee art. You only have to choose an image and you can print it with the milk. At the moment this coffee machine is just a prototype, but I would love to see it in the stores.

This product helps you to get a quick coffee, with a nice design. It will save time, so it is a wonderful product for the stress society. This product also shows that people want to personalize their usual things. They are turning a normal cup of coffee in something beatifull or funny.


Last week I went to London for three days. I had the chance to go there, because I was chosen in a top ten of schoolblogs. I went together with 4 other students, a teacher and trendwatcher Carl Rohde. We have seen a lot of things. We went to Spittlefield market, Brick Lane, Canary Wharf, Dalston and some touristic places like Covent garden and Oxford street. I had a very nice time!

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