The exchange :The hotel with rooms dressed like models


The exchange is a hotel where fashion meets architecture. The rooms are styled by students of the Amsterdam Fashion institute. The rooms are ‘dressed’ like models on the runway. The hotel has a lot rooms, each different and inspiring. They also have a restaurant for late breakfast and a shop, you can find those next to the hotel.

The concept is made up by Otto Nan and Suzanne Oxenaar. The hotel is part of ‘De rode loper’ an urban-renewal project that is aimed at giving the Damrak a more diverse and fashionable look.They also have a collaboration with the Textielmuseum, because it is known for their lab-function and together with them, fabrics are being developed after designs by the students of AMFI. The exchange hotel is opening the third of December.



Last week I went to London for three days. I had the chance to go there, because I was chosen in a top ten of schoolblogs. I went together with 4 other students, a teacher and trendwatcher Carl Rohde. We have seen a lot of things. We went to Spittlefield market, Brick Lane, Canary Wharf, Dalston and some touristic places like Covent garden and Oxford street. I had a very nice time!

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