MAD SCIENCE PDX | Art Show Curated by Scientist


What would the future look like if it were envisioned by an artist?
What would an art show look like if it were curated by a scientist?

Madscience PDX

To me this are very intersting questions and I am really curious what the exposition will look like.

In the year 2045, the world depends on Mad Science, a private institution dedicated to the protection of our planet. Mad Science uses time travel to transport today’s greatest minds into the future to solve the complex problems of tomorrow. Now for the first time, the public is granted access to witness the work that takes place inside.


Fat invaders

linda hubbard fat invaders linda hubbard fat-invaders_contemporary-sculpture_collabcubed

These fat invaders are made of 100% pure beef fat. Made by artist: Linda Hubbard
What she says about herself:

PROPAGANDA No artist statement from me……..Bullshit stinks……..

Under the picture she says: “WARNING not for human consumption. Folk’s there is always KFC Or a Big Mac.”
With this art she is giving critics on the greedy society. It is a nice symbolys, because this fatsociety we are living i, is really invading our future. Not only in terms of health but also the financial consequences we have to pay for.


Surface – Aurelien Juner

This project of Arelien Juner, the series – Surface – is a reflection on de function of  fashion magazines as a medium of dissemination of  ” mass culture” images and its relation with the reality. It’s about questioning the status of the fictional world and idealized created for the magazine, and its relationship to the real world where the image is built.

The series is proposing an approach of the object by selecting covers with a big diffusion. The context is changed, the magazine on white background becomes only an illumination.

Plastic and photographic work, this series, as an object of mass culture, can give new meaning to the existing image and more generally, to question the meaning of an image. What is magazines’ perception as a presenter of the image? What influences the image, shown on the cover? Does it have an impact on our own perception, our does it have an impact on the society? These are a lot of questions you can get when watching this artwork.

Brand – Burger King

This is the new Dutch ad of the Burger King. With this ad they are trying to convince women, fastfood isn’t that bad. Do you think this is a good way to attract women to your business? I like this creative advertisment, but I don’t think it will generate more customers. Maybe it will change the experience of Burger King, because the ad isn’t focused on the physical product but on the brandimage.

Soon – Chalk drawings

VIB is a life sciences research institute, based in Flanders, Belgium. They perform basic research with a strong focus on translating scientific results into pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications. For their fifteenth anniversary, Soon did the entire event branding, for which they used only chalk and a huge blackboard. For this event they also designed a box with nine books in it. For the books only they made more than 200 large chalk drawings. Because people are getting more and more visual, this is a nice way to respond to this. It helps you to understand the information better and get a quick overview.

it begins with an idea, and then
it becomes something else*

*branding by pablo picasso

A way of art

© Photographies David Monjou

Artist Gaëlle Villedary developed a grass carpet for the french village Jaujac. His project is called tapis rouge, what means; red carpet. Making a symbol of honor for the village, by connecting nature and their ways, the connection, the link, a way to connect the heart with the village and the inhabitants with the valleys. The incarnation of  the threat that is crossing Jaujac through the ages is a piece of nature, a communion between nature and men, though art. Curious where the carpet will take you?

Yowayowa – flying camerawomen

Yowayowa (Natsumi Hayasi) is a photographer based in Tokyo, but she is not just a normal one. When you see her pictures you will think it’s a trick, there must be some cables, wires or digital trick. But there really aren’t. Her images, typically shot against mundane urban backdrops, capture her dreamily levitating. How it works? She just jumps and set her camera on a timer. With a fast shutter speed of 1/5000 or more it is possible to capture her ‘levitating’.

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