Supermarkt Proposal | Beyond Basic by NL Architects

NL architects, Sanaya Park Lane SupermarketNL architects, Sanaya Park Lane Supermarket

Supermarkets, we go there to do our groceries, in some countries we can even buy make up and clothing but it is al very basic. Most of the time or actually almost always, it doesn’t really look attractive and it would be weird to talk about “architecture“. Amsterdam’s architect agency NL Architects is developing a new kind of supermarket. A supermarket that goes beyond its basic function. The architects are creating a green roof with a rice padded construction by sinking down the supermarket itself to a lower level. This supermarket will be constructed in Sanaya Lane Park in China.



It is totally cool to be a wallflower

Flowers in concrete walls

Living paint, flowers on the wall. An awesome way to give the city streets some colour. Scientist based in Barcelona are working on a way to make it possible to grow flowers on concrete walls. Ignacio Segura Perez is one of the supervisors on this project. How it works:

“The team carbonates conventional concrete to make it more receptive to plant growth: by keeping it in a humidity-controlled chamber, they can bring its alkalinity down to a level similar to that of water. A normal concrete layer is overlaid with a waterproofing layer, followed by the biological concrete.”


Fat invaders

linda hubbard fat invaders linda hubbard fat-invaders_contemporary-sculpture_collabcubed

These fat invaders are made of 100% pure beef fat. Made by artist: Linda Hubbard
What she says about herself:

PROPAGANDA No artist statement from me……..Bullshit stinks……..

Under the picture she says: “WARNING not for human consumption. Folk’s there is always KFC Or a Big Mac.”
With this art she is giving critics on the greedy society. It is a nice symbolys, because this fatsociety we are living i, is really invading our future. Not only in terms of health but also the financial consequences we have to pay for.


The city from another point of view; Slum tourism

Gangtourism Los Angeles Kibera

Crossing the streets of Los Angeles with a gangster, eating from bins with a homeless guy in Prague. It is a new hype in tourism; reality-tourism. 
I am not talking about normal tour guides, the one you will recognize by her umbrella, or the earplugs you will have to wear to translate what she is saying. I am talking about slum tourism. The guides I am talking about are homeless people. The guides can tell everything about the neighbourhood and the way they have lived there for years. He will probably show you the bridges under which he has slept and the places where he normally looks for food. You can ask them al kinds of questions, they don’t care and are not ashamed to answer intimate questions. It are not only homeless people, you can also do a tour with a former member of a gang. They will show places were fights or shootings have taken place.


Eyescream – Branding


It all started off with a very ugly Taiwanese ice cream. The taste was good, but no one would ever buy something ugly like that. That is why design agency
m Barcelona came up with a new concept for this type of ice cream. To start, they separated the ingredients of the original Taiwanese ice cream. The shaved ice cream, the sauce and the topping, after that they decided to put some sugar eyes on top of the icecream to give it a personality. From there, the name was pretty soon defined: Eyescream.

The agency designed the interior of the store and the packaging of the ice cream. The packaging consists of a tray that will fit the ice cream container and two sauce containers. Regarding to the location they decided to make it a self-service store.



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De Tostifabriek – Passionate City Farmers

de tostiefabriek

Is making a tosti* as easy as it seems? Nowadays most people who live in city’s are cut from the food process. We don’t know how our food is made, because we just buy most of our groceries at the supermarket. De Tostifabriek, is a concept that wants to explore how hard or easy it is to make a real tosti. They are taking control of the food process. Bread, cheese and the ham. To make all the ingredients, they are going to build a real farm. It will take 7 months for the grain to grow and in the meantime they are milking the cows and caring for the pigs.

The “factory” will be build in the center of Amsterdam. People from the city can see the process of making the tosti by making a visit to the factory. In this way they want to rebuild the connection between urbanites and food. I think there are a lot people who are thinking about the origin of their food, but there is still a majority who really is cut of the food chain and don’t really know where their food comes from and how it’s made. This is a good initiative to bring this whole process to one place and give transparency on their own food chain.

*(toast ham and cheese)
Movie (Dutch)

de tostifabriek bouwplan

Source: Tostifabriek


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