The city from another point of view; Slum tourism

Gangtourism Los Angeles Kibera

Crossing the streets of Los Angeles with a gangster, eating from bins with a homeless guy in Prague. It is a new hype in tourism; reality-tourism. 
I am not talking about normal tour guides, the one you will recognize by her umbrella, or the earplugs you will have to wear to translate what she is saying. I am talking about slum tourism. The guides I am talking about are homeless people. The guides can tell everything about the neighbourhood and the way they have lived there for years. He will probably show you the bridges under which he has slept and the places where he normally looks for food. You can ask them al kinds of questions, they don’t care and are not ashamed to answer intimate questions. It are not only homeless people, you can also do a tour with a former member of a gang. They will show places were fights or shootings have taken place.



The book that can’t wait

Buenos Aires-based bookshop and publisher Eterna Cadencia has released El Libro que No Puede Esperar – which translates as ‘The Book that Cannot Wait’ – an anthology of new fiction printed in ink that disappears after two months of opening the book.  The book comes in an airsealed  package, once you open it, you only have two months to read it. Nowadays there are a lot of e-books, so authors/publishers have to come up with an attractive idea that will trigger readers to buy the printed book. With this new kind of ink they created a buzz around reading. The book was getting a lot of request and everyone was excited to read it. Do you think the printed book will survive?

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Vakantiebeurs – one big travel agency

Last week I went to the vacation exhibition in Utrecht. We had to go there because of school. What stood out to me was the lack of innovation. But I noticed some things. First of all, the department of the Netherlands (the national one) was much busier than the departments of long distant travels. Does this has something to do with the economic crisis? Probably! In the national section, I found a lot of camping concepts focussing on a luxurious style during camping. They call this Glamping. This is related to finding a place at low rates but you want the luxe of an expansive place. I don’t think I will ever go back to this exhibition. It was very boring and filled with granny’s (no offence). It was like one big travel agency.

Obliteration Room












































Yayoi Kusama has a new exhibit at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane and it is a great one. This 82-year old women but still up and running. In 2002 she set up the  interactive children’s project, this exhibition is called obliteration room and is a part of that project. Interaction became an important aspect in Kusama’s work in the mid to late 60’s. In the beginning it was a white room, a perfect domestic australian environment. A white canvas ready to be obliterated. She let kids with thousand of coloured stickers decorate the room. In the pictures above you can see the colour explosion!

The Obliteration room is part of the exhibition: Look now, See forever and you can visit it at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane till 11 march 2012.


Lucia Nova – No Hotel

Lucia Nova is a boutique self-catering accommodation in Valletta, Malta. This place is wonderfull because of it’s historic value and the combination of old elements with new ones gives this place a luxurious feeling. The great thing about this house is the No Hotel philosphy. Wich is a way to avoid the old conventional hotels. The No Hotel philosophy means:

No to unneccessary large spaces
No to single dose toiletries
No to overlit hotel facades
Yes to small functional spaces
Yes to eco-friendly accommodation
Yes to personalised service
Yes to privacy

Little printer

Little printer is designed by Londen based agency BERG. The device itself contains an inkless, thermal printer, which connects wirelessly to a small unit plugged into the user’s broadband router. Little printer is like a rss for you printer. You only have to select  the sources of publications you want to subscribe to via your smartphone. This product allows you to make your own designed newspaper, it’s all about you; the birthdays you may not forget, your to-do lists, the headlines you want to read. This products integrates or online world with or offline world just like the product on my post before.


The smell of succes?

Olly is a robot that turns alerts, pings, tweets, likes etc. into the smell you choose. No more annoying buzzes, just the smell that makes you recognize the interaction with your computer. You can customize the Olly as much as you want, you can change the smell from coffee to apple, but you can also customize the design. Olly was founded by Mint Foundry.  Why do we want a smell for everything, why do we want buzzes to be more of an experience? Are they trying to create a positive feeling?

You could say this product is linked to the online/offline trend. We are getting lost in cyberspace and want to get back onto the real world. This product gives us a physical attachment.

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