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Imagine a world where you no longer need to spend a lifetime looking for what suits you best. Lifestyle products and services matching your style and personality are selected for you, instead of having to Google it for hours. Here the Hotel Maxclusive matching tool offers the solution.




SHINE is a collaborative film project produced by, an online networking community for micro business owners and solopreneurs. The project began on May 6, 2009 when 12 video crews and over 400 entrepreneurs gathered in Seattle’s largest film production studio to share why they work long hours, for low pay, facing great uncertainty.

The film combines compelling stories from the event, and interviews with academics, celebrated researchers (like Scott Shane author of Illusions of Entrepreneurship), and entrepreneurial superlatives (like Bruce Livingstone, founder of iStockphoto, acquired by Getty Images for $50M).

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Just in case

.. the world ends

End of the world survivalkit made by menosunocerouno. I really like this concept, the design, concept and functionality. It contains everything you need in case of emergency. This could be related with the Mayan conspirancies, if yes, well played on the topic of the day.

Once upon a time there was a real cookbook…

KOREFE, a design and innovations agency of Kolle Rebbe, came up with the real cookbook. A cookbook that you can actually eat. The book is made out of 100% freshly made pasta . The pages will tell you, what to adjust to the pasta to make a nice lasagna of it. I really love this idea (not only because lasagna is my favourite dish), you don’t need recipes anymore, because you can find it in the book.  It makes an experience of preparing lasagna. Could this be a trend for big brands to take over?

Surface – Aurelien Juner

This project of Arelien Juner, the series – Surface – is a reflection on de function of  fashion magazines as a medium of dissemination of  ” mass culture” images and its relation with the reality. It’s about questioning the status of the fictional world and idealized created for the magazine, and its relationship to the real world where the image is built.

The series is proposing an approach of the object by selecting covers with a big diffusion. The context is changed, the magazine on white background becomes only an illumination.

Plastic and photographic work, this series, as an object of mass culture, can give new meaning to the existing image and more generally, to question the meaning of an image. What is magazines’ perception as a presenter of the image? What influences the image, shown on the cover? Does it have an impact on our own perception, our does it have an impact on the society? These are a lot of questions you can get when watching this artwork.

Design the new business

So this documentary is all about service design thinking. I have read the book “this is service design thinking”, it is very interesting and we are working with it at the academy. This docu gives you a sneak peak in what I am learning at international lifestyle studies.

This film is a Zilver Innovation initiative, and was created by 6 students from the Master in Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft in The Netherland

A way of art

© Photographies David Monjou

Artist Gaëlle Villedary developed a grass carpet for the french village Jaujac. His project is called tapis rouge, what means; red carpet. Making a symbol of honor for the village, by connecting nature and their ways, the connection, the link, a way to connect the heart with the village and the inhabitants with the valleys. The incarnation of  the threat that is crossing Jaujac through the ages is a piece of nature, a communion between nature and men, though art. Curious where the carpet will take you?

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