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Eyescream – Branding


It all started off with a very ugly Taiwanese ice cream. The taste was good, but no one would ever buy something ugly like that. That is why design agency
m Barcelona came up with a new concept for this type of ice cream. To start, they separated the ingredients of the original Taiwanese ice cream. The shaved ice cream, the sauce and the topping, after that they decided to put some sugar eyes on top of the icecream to give it a personality. From there, the name was pretty soon defined: Eyescream.

The agency designed the interior of the store and the packaging of the ice cream. The packaging consists of a tray that will fit the ice cream container and two sauce containers. Regarding to the location they decided to make it a self-service store.



What is going on with music? And I am not really talking about the music itself, but the products you need to hear the music. Nowadays we lost the real connection with music, we just download it and most of us don’t even buy cd’s anymore. Well, I can understand, you can just download for free, so why buy a cd? Artists have to come up with new creative ideas to sell their music in a physical way.

Beck Song Reader

Beck  came up with the idea to let his fans/listeners play the music by themself and submit them to the Songreader website. His “album” is called Songreader, it are 20 new songs presented as sheet music. Another Band who became very creative to promote their new song  ‘Blue Ice’ was Shout out louds, they selected ten individuals to send a very special package. The package included a negative imprint of the master cut and some water, the only thing you had to do is pouring water into the negative imprint and leave it in the freezer for no more than six hours. Watch the video below to hear (and see) the result. Are you not that fan of ice? Than just try a chocolate LP from Breakbot.

Besides artist that are coming up with new ways to promote their album. There are also smart people working on printable records. Find the right music and just print your vinyl with your 3d printer.

Breakbot Chocolate LP

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The influence of environment on food – Magnum – Bompass and Par

The infinity pleasure pod is based on the results of the academic paper published by professor John Edward.  The finding of the research was : The environment in which you eat has a considerable impact on your perception of taste. His team at Bournemouth University discovered that the same dish, chicken à la king, tasted different depending on where it was consumed.  The dish was tasted in ten different locations, including a school, a care home, an Army base and a swanky restaurant. The more salubrious the surroundings, the higher the score: in the posh joints, it was rated as moist, tasty and filling, while in one of the dives, it was perceived to be claggy, dry and disgusting.

Bompas and Parr curated the infinity pod: The Infinity Pod tracks reactions such as pulse, heartbeat, skin elasticity, skin tension, swallow reaction and basic facial expressions and turns them into code, which is analysed and used to generate a digital artwork that is projected onto the interior of the pod in a shifting kaleidoscope of form and colour. It is the opposite of the research, because in this case, the environment reacts on the food. You can find the infinity pod in the Magnum concept store.

Of course this pod is just an attraction for shoppers and it will give Magnum some attention. But the information of this academic paper is very useful for the food industry. Saying you could let customers “feel” like they are getting higher quality food than they actually do. Who knows what further research shows. Maybe it is possible in the future to guide the brain of your customer just by clever decorating

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