What’s the difference?


This is a new ad from PlanUk and its part of the campaign ‘because I’m a girl’. The ad can see if you are a men or a women because of the facial recognition software and  HD-camera. Women get to see the whole campaign and men will only see statistics about girls around the globe.The “Because I’m a girl” campaign aims to ensure girls in the world’s poorest countries can access a quality education. This will in turn move people from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity. By denying access to the ad for men, they will get a glimpse of what it feels like to have their basic choices taken away.

Will this be the future of advertising? Ad’s made for a specific public, what do you think advertising will bring in the future?


Web 2.0 Paspartout#2.7


What it is:

Paspartout is an online portfolio for creative people. It is an online portfolio with optionally a blog and mini shop. This site is free.  Paspartout is founded by Mick and Wout, they have a company that is called boys abroad VOF.

Why it’s cool:

because it’s a free site to drop your portfolio, it’s very handy that you have everything together online. Also the fact that there is an optionally blog and mini shop is very cool. Because it is very easy to make, it also will attract talented people who don’t have a portfolio and who have to have on!

Bonbon 2.6


Bonbon, artisan lip balm is a company that makes lip balms who are attractively packaged, all the lip balms are made using only the loveliest natural ingredients such as sea butter and plant oils to keep your lips soft. The company offers free shipping within Europe. What differentiate this company from is others, is that it has chosen to offer them up by monthly description only.

Coolhunt web 2.0 Youtique #2.5

online shop

What it is:

Youtique is the first online shop that is working together with youtube. You can watch the clothes in the movie, see how it fits and moves while wearing. There is also a possibility to directly buy it. This site channel also offers you a couple of video’s with how to wear tips. It is al made very easy for the customer, because you only have to choose wich style or occasion you are going to and the site helps you.

Why it is cool:

Youtique is very cool because it is the first online shop that works with video’s to sell their clothes. There is a huge connect with instantaneous gratification, because you can see directly how the garment moves and fits, you can buy it, and you also directly know how to wear it. The site also offers you a handy system; you only have to click on the occasion you need clothes for and the site will search clothes for you. This all is so needed in a rushed society.

Coolhunt web 2.0 mentaalvitaal #2.4

What it is:

Mentaal vitaal is a site for people where they can test their mental condition.  People with psychic problems can look for help on this website. There is also a possibility to chat with other people who are dealing with a mental disorder. You can also look up information about different disorders.  This site will be part of your process to feel better or understand more about youre situation.

Why it’s cool:

A lot of people think that health is the absence of a disease, but health does not only have to deal with the physical part. Health also includes your mental well-being. mentaalvitaal is also very cool because it is not only for people with real big problems, what these sites in most cases are for. This site is also for a normal housewife who wants to be more mentally vital. This site brings people together who are all dealing with the same kind of issues. There now is a possibility to help each other without the help of a professional.


Coolhunt web 2.0 RedesignMe #2.3

What it is:

RedesignMe.com is a meeting place for company’s and creatives. A company is always looking for new ideas. Now company’s can get imput by thousands of creatives. The company can start a challenge, a challenge briefly describes what the company is looking for.  People can join the challenge, they have to upload a redesign. That can be an idea, a concept or a fully designed finished product. The company’s can now give feedback. After the deadline, the company will decide wich entries will be rewarded with RDMs that are credits that can be spent in the online shop. Go to the site for the instruction video

Why it’s cool:

www.redisignme.com is cool because the community is very divers. The community consists of marketers, students, creative consumers and designers. People can help each other and can get inspired by each other. There also is a reward for the good work. This is a type of social networking with benefits for al.

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