Kate Spade Window Shopping

Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade is developing shoppable windows in partnership with Ebay. The first for shopping screens will be placed in the center of New York City. The screen will show 30 items of the subbrand Kate Spade Saturday, which are all available to shop.The new screens measure about 9 feet across and 2 feet high and will appear on the front windows of closed stores. Shoppers will be able to touch the screens to order and have Kate Space Saturday products delivered to them within an hour via courier. Payment will be accepted by the couriers through PayPal Here, a mobile payment service developed by eBay.

I am almost more surprised about the one hour delivery than the window shopping itself. We probably all knew this was coming, we already saw some concepts of window shopping with the use of QR codes, for example supermarket concern Tesco. Ebay is trying to attract large retailers who want to reach more online/mobile shoppers. I think this is a great way to blend the online and the offline world. The use of the closed stores is really clever. I only wonder if the screens are protected well enough for damage and misuse. Overall I think this is a lovely concepts and a great way for retailers to blend the on and offline world.


Banksy, London

New work from Banksy in London. Banksy is commenting on the rushed society we live in. We are always rushed, 24/7 available and we never take a moment to breathe. Not only artists like Banksy are noticing this. There are also a lot of designer, who are trying to make innovative products for this mentality group.

Little printer

Little printer is designed by Londen based agency BERG. The device itself contains an inkless, thermal printer, which connects wirelessly to a small unit plugged into the user’s broadband router. Little printer is like a rss for you printer. You only have to select  the sources of publications you want to subscribe to via your smartphone. This product allows you to make your own designed newspaper, it’s all about you; the birthdays you may not forget, your to-do lists, the headlines you want to read. This products integrates or online world with or offline world just like the product on my post before.



Huang Guanglei made this Icoffee machine. With this machine it isn’t only easy to make a cup of coffee, but you can make real art with this machine. This is a step further than the normal coffee art. You only have to choose an image and you can print it with the milk. At the moment this coffee machine is just a prototype, but I would love to see it in the stores.

This product helps you to get a quick coffee, with a nice design. It will save time, so it is a wonderful product for the stress society. This product also shows that people want to personalize their usual things. They are turning a normal cup of coffee in something beatifull or funny.

#6.5 Openaire: foldable office

What it is:

Openaire is a laptop carrying case, work surface and a chair in one.  This product is founded by Nick and Beau Trincia.

Why it’s cool:

This product is cool because it can be a product that urban nomads want to use.” Urban nomads” is a group that fits to the trend instant gratification. Instant gratification means that they want it here and now. And the urban nomads want to work everywhere and the prefer access to internet. This product fits seamless in their needs. With this product they only need a laptop case and they can make a whole office out of it, so they can work everywhere.

#6.4 Shirt bar

What it is:

The shirt bar is an Australian shop where you can buy shirts and drink coffee or whiskey at the same time.

Why it’s cool:

This shop is cool because it is related to the trend instant gratification, people want everything now and they want it good.  They also want to safe time. In the shirt bar you can do two things at the same time, you don’t have to go to a cafe after you bought a shirt, you just drink you coffee or whiskey at the same time. This is why the shirtbar matches with the lifestyle and mentality of instant gratification.

Coolhunt #6.3 The grooming lounge

What it is:

The grooming lounge is a barbershop run by Michael Gilman and some more experts. He also has his own line of products, a blog, an online shop and a grooming guide. They also have a very funny app, with this app you can tell someone anonymous that he has to much hair.  At this barbershop it’s all about professionalism and service.

Why it’s cool:

We are living in a rushed society, everyone want their things immediately when they are asking for it and they want it to be good. This trend is called instant gratification. As a contra-reaction on this trend people want to take time for things. This barbershop shows that quality is very important and that they want to take time for it. In this barbershop you can go back tot the authentic shaving, where quality is very important. Grooming is a time to relax in this way.

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