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Candy Cab New York Candy Cab New York

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Eyescream – Branding


It all started off with a very ugly Taiwanese ice cream. The taste was good, but no one would ever buy something ugly like that. That is why design agency
m Barcelona came up with a new concept for this type of ice cream. To start, they separated the ingredients of the original Taiwanese ice cream. The shaved ice cream, the sauce and the topping, after that they decided to put some sugar eyes on top of the icecream to give it a personality. From there, the name was pretty soon defined: Eyescream.

The agency designed the interior of the store and the packaging of the ice cream. The packaging consists of a tray that will fit the ice cream container and two sauce containers. Regarding to the location they decided to make it a self-service store.


Don’t coffee-block your smile

Advertising isn’t about commercials anymore. Trident did a great job, focusing on the strength of their product. Don’t coffee-block your smile!

Brand – Burger King

This is the new Dutch ad of the Burger King. With this ad they are trying to convince women, fastfood isn’t that bad. Do you think this is a good way to attract women to your business? I like this creative advertisment, but I don’t think it will generate more customers. Maybe it will change the experience of Burger King, because the ad isn’t focused on the physical product but on the brandimage.

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