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Imagine a world where you no longer need to spend a lifetime looking for what suits you best. Lifestyle products and services matching your style and personality are selected for you, instead of having to Google it for hours. Here the Hotel Maxclusive matching tool offers the solution.

Design and service geared to your style
Hotel Maxclusive is your personal ‘find engine’: a source of inspiration and website for the lifestyle-oriented cosmopolitan who does not have time to browse the Internet herself. Whereas the algorithm of current search engines is based on collating search arguments and results, the Hotel Maxclusive algorithm focuses on style and personality instead. A proactive, personal pre-selection is made of products that suit you. You therefore no longer have to endlessly look for ‘the perfect sunglasses’, the sunglasses find you instead. This is the future of the Internet: finding rather than searching.

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Extraordinary products of international brands
Once you are checked into the hotel, you can start your inspirational journey through it. But what if you do not feel like browsing or do not have the time? All special lifestyle products are ready and waiting for you in your own suite, carefully selected matching your style. The international collection, which is carefully selected and updated, consists of a mixture of peculiar designs, modern and contemporary, large and small.

Experience Hotel Maxclusive both online and offline
The website is connected to a variety of web shops, enabling you to also instantly order all products and services offered by the brands that are presented in the hotel. Particularly special is our room service, which can make life outside the hotel even more convenient for you. Reservations for a popular restaurant or an appointment with a special gallery, everything is within reach.

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