Supermarkt Proposal | Beyond Basic by NL Architects

NL architects, Sanaya Park Lane SupermarketNL architects, Sanaya Park Lane Supermarket

Supermarkets, we go there to do our groceries, in some countries we can even buy make up and clothing but it is al very basic. Most of the time or actually almost always, it doesn’t really look attractive and it would be weird to talk about “architecture“. Amsterdam’s architect agency NL Architects is developing a new kind of supermarket. A supermarket that goes beyond its basic function. The architects are creating a green roof with a rice padded construction by sinking down the supermarket itself to a lower level. This supermarket will be constructed in Sanaya Lane Park in China.

Grocery shopping is not the most fun thing to do. We don’t like the long lines, the stress, the choices and the atmosphere. A relaxing atmosphere could help us espcape the stress moments of everydaylife. I am only wondering if people would really go up to the roof after doing there grocery shopping or before, because I definitely would just want to bring my groceries home or get it over with the shopping. What do you think? Will this be a future concept for supermarkets?


NL architects, Sanaya Park Lane Supermarket-lake-park-super-market-proposal-nl-architects_130415_supermarket_fake_update_-axo03-__underground_all-528x396


1 Comment (+add yours?)

    May 17, 2013 @ 22:47:46

    Wauw, dat ziet er gaaf uit. Jammer dat het zo ver weg is..


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