The city from another point of view; Slum tourism

Gangtourism Los Angeles Kibera

Crossing the streets of Los Angeles with a gangster, eating from bins with a homeless guy in Prague. It is a new hype in tourism; reality-tourism. 
I am not talking about normal tour guides, the one you will recognize by her umbrella, or the earplugs you will have to wear to translate what she is saying. I am talking about slum tourism. The guides I am talking about are homeless people. The guides can tell everything about the neighbourhood and the way they have lived there for years. He will probably show you the bridges under which he has slept and the places where he normally looks for food. You can ask them al kinds of questions, they don’t care and are not ashamed to answer intimate questions. It are not only homeless people, you can also do a tour with a former member of a gang. They will show places were fights or shootings have taken place.

Tourism these days isn’t only about nice hotels and visiting churches anymore. Clients are expecting more, they want to live like the locals, experience the real place instead of the touristic sites. Slum tourism is one of the concepts that came up thinking about this need. But is it really a save, but more important fair way to make money?
What do you think of this type of tourism? Is it a good way to just market what you can market or could it be dangerous and disturbing the community?


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