De Tostifabriek – Passionate City Farmers

de tostiefabriek

Is making a tosti* as easy as it seems? Nowadays most people who live in city’s are cut from the food process. We don’t know how our food is made, because we just buy most of our groceries at the supermarket. De Tostifabriek, is a concept that wants to explore how hard or easy it is to make a real tosti. They are taking control of the food process. Bread, cheese and the ham. To make all the ingredients, they are going to build a real farm. It will take 7 months for the grain to grow and in the meantime they are milking the cows and caring for the pigs.

The “factory” will be build in the center of Amsterdam. People from the city can see the process of making the tosti by making a visit to the factory. In this way they want to rebuild the connection between urbanites and food. I think there are a lot people who are thinking about the origin of their food, but there is still a majority who really is cut of the food chain and don’t really know where their food comes from and how it’s made. This is a good initiative to bring this whole process to one place and give transparency on their own food chain.

*(toast ham and cheese)
Movie (Dutch)

de tostifabriek bouwplan

Source: Tostifabriek



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