Ice cream Concept Parlour – Food

[vimeo 44101755 w=500 h=300]

We all know the apple-parts, sweet red peppers and rough sliced fruits. It ‘s all very easy when you haven’t that much time to do it yourself (of course, two minutes to cut your apple is so much time;)) Customers are getting so used at it, they won’t even think about getting some fresh vegetables or fruit. The connection with food people eat is totally broken. You can read more about this in Hungry City from Caroleen Steel, very interesting.

Ploenpit – an industrial design student –  came up with Ice cream concept Parlour. This concept is designed to explore and investigate the process of making ready-to-eat food. People will get more aware of where the food comes from and how you have to prepare it. It is a way to encourage people to make their own food and show them how great it is to experience this process, to repair the broken connection. This concept also has a link to original craft, we are getting tired of not knowing where our food comes from and of what ingredients it consists. This concept shows you all the facets of making original ice cream and the cool thing about it, is that you can endlessly experiment with flavours.


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