Coolhunt #6.3 The grooming lounge

What it is:

The grooming lounge is a barbershop run by Michael Gilman and some more experts. He also has his own line of products, a blog, an online shop and a grooming guide. They also have a very funny app, with this app you can tell someone anonymous that he has to much hair.  At this barbershop it’s all about professionalism and service.

Why it’s cool:

We are living in a rushed society, everyone want their things immediately when they are asking for it and they want it to be good. This trend is called instant gratification. As a contra-reaction on this trend people want to take time for things. This barbershop shows that quality is very important and that they want to take time for it. In this barbershop you can go back tot the authentic shaving, where quality is very important. Grooming is a time to relax in this way.


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