Coolhunt sustainability #5.5 Trash me

What it is:

Each Trash Me lamp is created from four paper egg cartons, blended with water, poured over a mold, and smoothed by hand to form a section. They have to dry a few days before they are good, then they are fastened together with aluminium screws. This lamp is totally recyclable, it is made of trash and can be returned to trash after using. The name of this trend is cradle to cradle. The lamp is made by Victor Wayne Vetterlein

Why it’s cool:

This Trash Me lamp is cool, because it’s is an expression of the trend: sustainability. With this kinds of products you can see that people and also designers are thinking of creative ways to make things sustainable and even biodegradable. This lamp is a cradle to cradle product, wich actually means that trash don’t exist.


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