Coolhunt sustainability #5.7 Proof

sustainable sunglasses

What it is:

Proof is a sustainable eyewear company. It are unisex shades made of sustainable sourced wood like zebrawood, bamboo and ebony. The company says that they are 100% ecofriendly. This is because of the wood they use instead of plastic and they donate a portion of their profit tot an eye clinic in India and to a tree replanting initiative in Haiti. When the sunglasses have reached their end of the life cycle you can send them back to the company, they will recycle the glasses and you will get a discount on your next purchase. And other thing they do when you purchase ‘Proof’ is that they also send sunglasses to a recent surgery recipient in India, so they can protect their eyes.

Why it’s cool:

This is a signal of the trend sustainability, you see that people want to live better, they want to be ‘green’ and they need every product that connects to this lifestyle. The cool fact of this company is that they are sustainable and they also complete the life cycle because they recycle the glasses too. This company is not only directed on profit, but is also helping others.


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