Coolhunt# 4.4 Mixed reviews

what it is:

Moxy Creative House, presents Mixed Reviews: 20 Classic Men’s Movies Liquerated. The collection illustrates A Clockwork Orange, Sideways, The Hangover, The Big Lebowski, Dr. No,
A Menace to Society, The Departed, Coffee & Cigarettes, Blue Velvet, There Will Be Blood, Waterworld, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, American Pie, Miami Vice, Casablanca, Moulin Rouge, Rocky, Dracula, The Nutty Professor, Groundhog Day. The drinks are designed and illustrated by Glenn Michael.

Why it’s cool:

This collection show movies expressed in drinks. It also shows you what men like to watch for kind of movies. I think the men who have a wife will not refuse to watch these kind of movies. You could say that this most of the time goes about the denim daddy’s.



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