Cool Hunting meets Gap

coolhunting for gap

What it is:

This is the first pop up store of Cool Hunting. It is a collaboration of Gap with Cool Hunting.  This store has everything you need for this holiday season. The editors hand-picked each item using the same principles: innovative design, artisan craftsmanship, social and environmental consciousness. Not only the products they sell are great, but they’ve tought about the whole package. Bykanyan designed the interiors, RCD LBL has made a soundtrack of New York bands and Matt Van Ekeren designed a graphic identity. The shop will be open seven days a week through January 2nd (except for Christmas day) and is located on 5th Avenue between 53rd and 54th Streets.

Why it’s cool:

This project relates to the trend secrecy please. It is a pop up store and this time a special one for the holidays. You don’t have to walk trough the whole city to find something attractive for christmas or new year. You just walk in to this store and you find what you want. Also very cool about this pop-up store is that all the items that are sold are hand-picked by the editors of Cool Hunting and they have to meet with the three principles. This means this concept is related to the trend experience economy. It’s an experience to shop here, cause you can’t find a concept like this somewhere else. Because these products are all sorted out by the three principles. You can also relate this a bit to instant gratification, because you can get what you want in this store, right at the moment and you don’t have to look everywhere else. And last but not least this is also co-creation. All the people who are the best in what they do come together to make a beautiful concept.


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