#5.6 Walk-in-Garden

What it is:

In Paris there are a couple of places where transparent bubbles are installed. These are the products of the campaign: Ma bulle, ma plante et moi.  Inside these bubbles you can see a wide variety of indoor plants and flowers. This festival was created by the Dutch flower council. Each bubble has like 60 m² of garden in it.  This is just enough space for two people at the time. There 16 bubbles in 4 different settings.

Why it is cool:

This campaign is very cool, because there is a lot of urbanisation at the moment, and people will forget how important nature is. Just sneaking into this garden for a couple of minutes can fresh up your day. You can enter this bubble with a maximum of two persons so this is a very private sphere and experience. You can place this in the nature city balance trend.


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