Coolhunt #3.4 Experience Economy: My auntie’s cakes

What it is:

My auntie’s cakes is a place in Amsterdam where you can drink a cup of coffee and get all sorts of cakes. When you enter this place it feels like you are walking into an exploded birhtday party of a 8-year-old girl. There is a lot of pink and flowers in here. You can not only get princesscake, but you can also just get a piece of apple pie, if you are not that experimental. My auntie’s cake does not only have a konditorei, but it also has a bed and breakfast called: cake under my pillow and a television programme called de taarten van abel, very cool,  I still watch this program.

bed and breakfast my antie's cakes

Why it’s cool:

You really get the feeling that you are in an other world, with al those decorations and colours. It’s feels like you are at someone’s home. You can also celebrate your birthday here and it still feels like it is just as cosy or more as home. This is a very good thought concept. Go to my auntie’s cake and see it yourself!


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