Coolhunt #3.3 Experience economy: Ralph Lauren 4D

ralph lauren 4d


What it is:

Ralph Lauren created an ultimate outdoor experience. He projected a video on the flagshipstore and took the viewers to a journey of the legendary brand. The visual experience breached 4D through the use of complimentary music and a sweet smelling mist of the Big Pony Collection.  It is a peak of art, music, fashion and fragance. Coinciding the 10th birthday of, this unique sensory experience confirmed the brands iconic stature and dictates the changing nature of today’s fashion world.

Why it’s cool:

This project tickles al your senses. You can smell the parfume, see the fantastic video, hear the music and feel the great. This project is a real experience and you will never forget it. Watch the video by yourself and imagine how it would be to experience this.


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