Masterclass trendwatching

Last Wednesday I was just surfing on my laptop as usual and then I suddenly got a mail from Thomas Spronk. When I opened the mail I was very surprised, I had won a masterclass trendwatching from Carl Rohde, because of my blog. I didn’t even knew I could win something with my blog. I was very excited about it. There were 9 other students who were selected. So friday we went to Amsterdam for the masterclass.

We were not the only one who were coming to this masterclass, no there also were  a couple of portuguese people. They were between 25 and 40, they al had their own project. For example there was a guy who was working in the industry of footwear. They were at this masterclass, because they could use all the trends for their own project. Also we could help each other and talk about their projects.

After a bit of talking Carl started with his presentation. He told us everything about two different mentality trends. The first one was: Secrecy please.  For example Carl showed this trend to Nike and they translated the trend to pop-up shops, limited editions and shoes were available from a few places all over the world.

This store you could find in Amsterdam, and it was open for five weeks

An other trend Carl came with was The rise of the urban nomads, this means people want to get everywhere, be everywhere, work everywhere, it all has to be possible.  A good example is Starbucks, why is Starbucks such a big hit? First of all, because they have good coffee, second you have a lot of choise there but when you ask further you will conclude that people like Starbucks, because you can work there.

The third trend was about the Cool masculinities, Women are on the ride. A big cultural revolution were the Chippendales. Now the men were being watched by the woman, in stead of women being watched by the men. The strong men of the past are turned into metrosexuals. It’s a very smart trick FHM  applies, first they  make them men feel l ike real men when they read the magazine and then they are going to let these men use manscara and guyliner. The men are feminizing and because of that they are looking for products  that make them feel more like a real man. Back to basics.

cool musculinities


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