Coolhunt web 2.0 mentaalvitaal #2.4

What it is:

Mentaal vitaal is a site for people where they can test their mental condition.  People with psychic problems can look for help on this website. There is also a possibility to chat with other people who are dealing with a mental disorder. You can also look up information about different disorders.  This site will be part of your process to feel better or understand more about youre situation.

Why it’s cool:

A lot of people think that health is the absence of a disease, but health does not only have to deal with the physical part. Health also includes your mental well-being. mentaalvitaal is also very cool because it is not only for people with real big problems, what these sites in most cases are for. This site is also for a normal housewife who wants to be more mentally vital. This site brings people together who are all dealing with the same kind of issues. There now is a possibility to help each other without the help of a professional.



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