Coolhunt 1.1 Woogie

What it is:

Woogie is the huggable case for iPod touch and iPhone. The woogie is a stuffed and protective case. You can still use the iPhone by touching de touch-trough screen protector. The woogie has built-in speakers to enjoy the music, you can also plug in headphones. Woogie does also has its own apps. For example there is an app for digital books, like sesam street.

why it’s cool

Now the iPod or iPhone isn’t only for adults anymore. Children are very curious so of course they want to play with your Iphone. The answer is instantly no, because he is just to expansive and you are afraid your child will destroy it. Woogie is the solution. It’s a green stuffed thing, very cool for kids and you don’t have to worry anymore about your expensive iPhone or iPod touch.


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